What we offer


ForestHogs provides a superior catering service and eating experience using the best in fresh, high-quality pork and produce. We specialise in using the best traditional hog roast methods, slow smoking our pigs and meat over wood and charcoal on site at your venue for all your guests to see. Our special rare breed pigs are bred in woodlands and open fields with a free-range ethos ensuring that the meat is always of the highest quality.

Hog Roasts

At ForestHogs, we only use the best in fresh, wood-fired roasting techniques to achieve the special taste in our pork. Our slow roasted pork is cooked over locally sourced, quality, chestnut charcoal, and is not precooked or reheated, ensuring the best, freshest possible meat. The dry heat generated from the charcoal and traditional roasting methods adds extra mouthwatering flavour to the existing sweet taste of the rare breed pork and creates a delicious smoked crackling…..arguably the best bit!

Our expert roasters cater for any event at any scale, from small, intimate weddings to large corporate events. We are flexible and can collaborate with any other catering companies to ensure we meet your exact needs and provide a memorable meal for you and your guests. In addition to our high-quality roasts, we offer accompanying buffets, salads, and even canapes that provide the perfect accompaniment to our unique pork. Our bespoke hog roasting packages can be tailored to suit your event or special day perfectly.

Fabulous Homemade fresh Salads and Sides

Our love of fresh homemade food has driven us to make sure our succulent and honest Roasts are accompanied by beautifully tasting sides and salads. We can provide a large range of Salads and sides or even design some around your favourite ingredients to wow your guests!