About Foresthogs


ForestHogs comprises of several experienced roasters dedicated to providing your event, party, or function with the best quality hog, beef, venison or lamb roasts. We are dedicated to listening closely to what you need from our catering services and strive to create a fully customised hog roast package that ensures your needs are taken care of.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop a unique catering service and understanding of our clients needs so we can deliver perfectly cooked, succulent meat every time. We take great pride in our wood-fired roasts and strive to deliver the very best service every time.

The Hogs

At ForestHogs, we believe happy, stress-free animals produce the highest quality meat, and as a result, our top priority is the welfare of our animals. Traditionally reared, the pigs have full shelter from the elements and the freedom to roam and forage within spacious woodland and field paddocks. This allows them to follow their natural instincts and behaviour, including rooting the soil for food and wallowing to keep cool. The result is a unique herd of happy pigs and top quality pork products with excellent taste and texture.

In order to give you the highest quality product, we always strive to ensure that the free-range pigs we use have the best lives possible. We believe the happier our pigs, the better tasting our pork products will be, and the more you will enjoy the product knowing it has been produced in the most traditional way.